WFC Launches Blog. Get ready to speak up!

Welcome to Wisconsin Family Council’s new blog!  This blog is all about giving a voice to Wisconsin families. 

WFC staff members will be blogging regularly and we will also be bringing in guest bloggers from across Wisconsin and the nation.  We look forward to your comments and general feedback.

Thank you for standing with us.

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2 comments on “WFC Launches Blog. Get ready to speak up!

  1. Arlene Mizerka says:

    Title X, Reproductive Health, is a terrible program as it undermines parents and their authority with their children. The government provides birth control stuff to children without parental permission. Whatever happened to commonsense. You are not allowed to give a child an aspirin but you can give the child birth control pills. The Public Health department does all it can do to prevent youth from smoking. Something they can quit when they mature. However the sexually transmitted diseases will be with the person for life. They may be able to mask the symptoms but the disease never goes away. Our children are not animals. They can control their emotions. We should be teaching abstinence. We should go back to living the Judeo Christian ethics. We should return to being “one nation under God” as our founding fathers intended.

  2. Rich Barker says:

    I an glad that you are starting this blog in Wisconsin. I have been reading a blog from Washington State and find lots of useful information. I hope to now find out more about My state.

    I watched with much interest some of the CPAC presenters this week on C-Span. Maybe the conservatives will get fired up and take back the Liberal agenda and stop the path of suicide we are on with Obama. Our family and Christian values are going down the drain fast. Obama has said there will be pain with his program of spending. But how much pain is not understood. However the last 6 weeks the government has spent or proposed to spend more money than we have spent in our entire history as a nation. We will be spending wealth that has yet to be made. The proposed taxes on business will bring us to stagflaion that could make any real growth impossible. And guess what who other than customers pay the taxes on busines.

    Obama has praised faith-based initiatives but has proposed changes to law will require that no mention of faith will be allowed. As Chuck Colson has said, the only thing his prison ministry has to offer is teaching the Gospel. If the government takes that away there is nothing left.

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