He’s Not Joking

We’ve decided we’re going to take up Rep. Mark Pocan’s (D-Madison) approach to the media–tell them exactly how you want them to talk about your opponents and put in a plug for your good looks. No really, you at least have to give the guy credit for boldness because there’s no doubt he’s emboldened in his new position in the majority party of the Assembly.

Pocan is worth paying attention to because he has an agenda and he’s motivated, dedicated, and powerful (member of the Joint Finance Committee, the first group of legislators to get a crack at the executive budget). Fully two weeks before Gov. Doyle unveiled his budget proposal for health-care benefits for state employees’ domestic partners and a statewide, marriage-like, same-sex domestic partner registry, Pocan was talking about it as “a top UW-Madison priority.”

Pocan and his ilk realize that the only way to get something like this on the books is to shut the opposition up. The gov’s budget is a prime example that attacks on the institution of marriage are not going away and the only way for us to protect marriage is to show up, stand up and speak up on the issue.


One comment on “He’s Not Joking

  1. Scott says:

    Pocan is worth paying attention to because he’s openly gay? Would it be better for him to be a hidden, secretive one who marries, has kids, and fundamentally lies to himself — or at least to those around him — about how God made him? He is a citizen of the USA and like us, he has unalienable rights to pursue happiness and be treated as equally as all others. This includes the ability to marry the person of his choice. My church most certainly blesses gay relationships and would marry gay couples if it were legal. Does this in any way remove the rights of heterosexuals to marry or benefit legally? Of course not. It expands the legal aspects of marriage to apply to all American citizens regardless of sexual orientation. That is sane and moral. The institution of marriage is not under attack. Homosexuals continue to be under attack, though, which is very obvious in the State of Wisconsin.

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