Freedom From Religion Foundation–Bullying Again

The Madison-based Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) is seemingly on steroids these days–as are most leftist groups since the November elections.   Recently, FFRF has sent letters to at least 4 WI governing bodies, telling them they cannot begin their sessions with an invocation.   Dodge County, Vernon County, La Crosse Common Council and the WI State Assembly have all been thusly informed (aka, “threatened”).

Say what?  Elected bodies can’t pray before they deliberate on behalf of the people they represent?  FFRF president Annie Laurie Gaylor says, “If our Founding Fathers did not find it necessary to pray when they adopted our secular and godless Constitution, we cannot imagine why local government boards need to request divine intervention over sewers or liquor licenses, or Wisconsin law.”

Not only is this position demeaning to units of government and those serving, it’s historically wrong.   Apparently, Mrs. Gaylor is a great example of just how bad revisionist history in our public schools has been. 

Anybody remember Ben Franklin calling for prayer during the Constitutional Convention?  It’s true that the body at that point declined to formally implore “the assistance of heaven,” but  that first Congress did institute a chaplaincy program in both the Senate and the House–a program that continues today.  (Read David Barton’s of WallBuilders excellent analysis of this moment in history.)

FFRF is really just another neighborhood bully, using fear and intimidation to get its way.  

Wisconsin Family Council is working with Alliance Defense Fund to equip and encourage these units of government to stand strong.  Invocations are not unconstitutional.   Is your municipality or county government in FFRF’s crosshairs? Contact WFC.   We don’t believe bullies should go unchecked!


3 comments on “Freedom From Religion Foundation–Bullying Again

  1. Brent says:

    WE need not to be allarmed,we only need to go to work and tell every person we see about how we feel about this bullying thats going on. We (meening christains)must exsplain to people what is moraly write.

  2. Peche says:

    To accuse Annie Laurie Gaylor of being a victim of “revisionist history” is absurd. The woman is an accomplished scholar whose works could well serve to elucidate your archaic view of history. Religion once ruled the world, it was known as the dark ages.

  3. […] Despite pressure from the Madison-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) (read more on that here), the La Crosse Common Council voted 9-7 on Tuesday to have a prayer and the pledge of allegiance […]

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