Anti-Family “Family Planning”

Had Wisconsin had a law such as Kansas’s regarding late-term abortions, maybe the UW-affiliated Madison Surgery Center (MSC) would not be right this moment renovating and gearing up to do very anti-family “family planning” via late second-trimester abortions on its 3rd floor (a decision made despite very strong pro-life opposition). Such a law certainly seems worth considering.

Kansas law says no abortions past 22 weeks unless the health of the mother is in jeopardy. Even in that situation, the law requires that two physicians must sign off that the mother’s health is endangered by the pregnancy.  Kansas abortionist George Tiller is charged with secret business arrangements with at least one Kansas doctor who agreed to approve the illegal abortions. Jury selection in Tiller’s criminal case is underway right now, thanks to the bull-dogged determination of Kansas’s former attorney general, Phill Kline, now a district attorney.

As always, groups such as Planned Parenthood are complicit in these types of situations. In the Tiller case, the local Kansas Planned Parenthood is accused of referring healthy women with viable babies to Tiller for abortions.

One wonders why taxpayers keep richly funding these so-called “family planning” groups. For instance, in Governor Doyle’s new budget proposal, we once again have nearly $2 million a year of taxpayer money going to “family planning,” most of which lands directly in Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin’s coffers (see page 248 of AB 75).  I don’t know that you can get much more anti-family than Planned Parenthood.


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