Northwest Milwaukee Community Marriage Agreement Launched

Today is an exciting day!  Wisconsin Family Council and ThinkMarriage are hosting the first of several “Core Committee” meetings for the Northwest Milwaukee Community Marriage Agreement.  About a dozen clergy and a few other community leaders will joing together today to initiate this effort.  One of the highlights will be to hear from Mike McManus of Marriage Savers.  He is the father of this effort.

What a blessing to be a part of this work.  Our goals are to significantly reduce divorce and cohabitation and to increase marriage rates.  Similar efforts in over 226 communities around the country have lead to 10, 20 and even 50% decreases in divorce.  The divorce ratio in Milwaukee is 10% above the national ratio, and the annual number of marriages in Milwaukee has decreased by 22% since 1995.

Yet this is great hope among the church leaders in this community.  They have embraced this effort and are expectantly looking forward to its positive impact on the community.


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