Moving from the Left to the Right

This past weekend my kids performed in a piano recital hosted by their piano instructor.  She has a group of about 18 students who performed a variety of pieces.

She held the recital at a church my family used to attend before my wife and I were believers.  The church is one of the most liberal church denominations in America (I will leave it at that.)  After the scales fell off of my eyes in August of 1997, I realized we were in the wrong place.  We left that church and have since been attending the Monroe Bible Church.

When we walked into the sanctuary of our former church for the recital, my wife said “Where do you want to sit?”  “Let’s sit where we used to sit,” I replied.  When we sat down, I started to laughed.  My wife asked me why I was laughing and I said, “Do we realize that we moved from the left to the right?”  “What do you mean,” she said.  I waited a moment and then she began to laugh.  We were sitting in the left row of seats.  At the Bible Church, we sit in the right row of seats.

I praise God that he moved our family from the left to the right.


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