MPO at Work in West Bend

Jim and Ginny Maziarka in West Bend beautifully exemplify what we at Wisconsin Family Council call “the multipled power of one” (MPO).

MPO is simple–one person takes a position, or speaks up, or gets involved in an issue and soon others join–multiplying significantly the power and impact of the one who gets things started.

Jim and Ginny have taken on several issues in their community–the area where MPO has the greatest impact.  Most recently, they’ve dared to challenge what’s going on in their public library’s youth section.

Ginny’s blog, Wissup, has all the details on this issue, but in summary, the youth section librarian in West Bend recently added a “Out of the Closet” page to the WB library’s web site–a page filled with books promoting homosexual behavior.

The Maziarkas found some of the books were extremely graphic (i.e., pornographic) and  should at least be reclassified in the adult section.   They found nothing, nada, on the shelves showing that real people have successfully left the homosexual lifestyle, nothing that gives the other side of the issue or Christian teachings on sexuality.

The Maziarkas followed all the established library protocal in addressing this issue.  They used their personal networks to keep people informed and get them engaged.  Sad to say, the WB library and the WB city attorney have not always been very helpful or kind (as the product of a Freedom of Information Request revealed!).

Eventually, the library cancelled a meeting that was scheduled for last night claiming the Maziarkas had violated policy.  But, Jim and Ginny decided to hold the meeting and show the public what was actually in the books they were concerned about.  From the reports we’ve received, many of the people attending were shocked by what they saw and heard.

The Maziarkas are now spearheading a petition drive to urge the WB library board of trustees to have a  “child-safe, family-friendly” library.

And, so the effort continues. It all started with Ginny’s vigilance, and because of MPO, many WB citizens are informed and involved–and citizens all across the state now realize that they too must be vigilant about what is happening in their library!

Kudos to the Maziarkas for their excellent work on behalf of children and families who use the West Bend library!  Thanks for the great example you are to all of us!


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  1. matt says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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