And how did I get on your mailing list?

Today my mom and I received a pretty typical mailer at my family’s home address.  I opened it up and did a double take as I realized what it was.  Take a look at the front panel.  Looks like a pro-life mailer, doesn’t it?  Apparently, Planned Parenthood Advocates of WI (the advocacy arm of PPWI) is trying to remake its image as a baby-friendly organization.  Sorry, smiling babies and Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the nation, just do not go together.

Of course, the mailer instructed my mom and me to vote for for CJ Abrahamson (PPAWI just endorsed her). Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin is mentioned in two inconspicuous places on the mailer panel, and their URL is listed at the bottom of the inside panels.  Other than that–you’d think it was a mailer from Wisconsin Right to Life or Pro-Life Wisconsin–just like my mom, my sister and I did.

My first question is, how did they get our names?  We definitely would not be on the list of any group that would sell their mailing list to PP.  My second question is, why does PPAWI feel the need to fly under the radar with a blatantly pro-life look on a political mailer?  They’ve publicly endorsed CJ Abrahamson.  So they obviously think she’s friendly to their proudly held “reproductive rights” agenda. Then why disguise the mailer and bury who sent it?


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