Praying for One Another

Yesterday I was preparing to leave my house in the morning, when my kids and my wife walked into our home office. “Gather around, kids,” my wife said. They then proceeded to put their hands on my shoulder and head and pray for the work that was in front of me that day.

They knew that I was heading to Northwest Milwaukee to continue working with a core group of pastors who are forming a Community Marriage Agreement. They knew that my burden was to make a good presentation on the concepts of mentoring married couples. It was important that I assist these pastors in understanding what mentoring is and how it can be used in their churches. They knew my desire was that the pastors would walk away understanding mentoring and desiring to implement it in their respective churches.

So they came in and blessed me with their prayers. Do you know how powerful that is for me as a man to have my family pray over me? Wow! If there is a wife reading this, I encourage you to consider praying over your husband. Send him off to work today bathed in prayer. It makes a world of difference.


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