What’s at stake in this election?

Tomorrow is the Big Day–Wisconsin’s 2009 Spring Non-Partisan Election.  We know the races, we know the candidates…but do we know the consequences?

The State Supreme Court rules on issues that affect all of us: family law, marriage (the case challenging Wisconsin’s Marriage Amendment will most likely end up in the State Supreme Court), business, criminal law, civil law, political redistricting…the list goes on and on.  In our litigious society, the State Supreme Court is one of the most powerful bodies in Wisconsin and usually has the last say on the most important issues of our day.

The State Superintendent of Public Instruction is in charge of Wisconsin’s Department of Public Instruction.  The Superintendent sits on the UW Board of Regents (which governs the UW System), advises the governor and the legislature on educational issues, sets model policies for school boards/districts, distributes federal and state educational grants, and administers the public library system in Wisconsin, among other things.

The State Supreme Court race between Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson and Judge Randy Koschnick is extremely important to the future of our state because of the power that Court wields over our state’s laws.

The Superintendent race between Deputy Superintendent Tony Evers and Rose Fernandez is pivotal to the immediate future of education in our state for many reasons–not the least of which is its “bully pulpit” function.

So, know the races, know the candidates, know the issues, know what’s at stake when you go to the polls tomorrow.  Visit Wisconsin Family Council’s election central website, www.yourwisconsinvote.org, for more information on the races and the candidates.

See you at the Wisconsin polls tomorrow, Tuesday, April 7!


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