Marriage and Family Turned on Its Head

Friday it was an Iowa court; today it is a state legislature turning marriage and family on its head.

Don’t tell me evil wasn’t emboldened on November 7, 2008!  I’ve heard it everywhere as the answer for what’s happening in our country:  “We won.  That’s what happened. We won, and you lost.”

On what was really a stunning veto override vote, the Vermont state legislature today summarily changed the meaning of marriage in Vermont to include two persons of the same sex.

It’s important to note what this vote really says.  It says that domestic partnerships or civil unions (call them whatever you want) that look just like marriage aren’t enough for those who are determined to redefine and undermine marriage.

In 2000, the Vermont legislature granted same-sex couples civil unions that are exactly, and I do mean exactly, like marriage.  But that wasn’t good enough.  They wanted the word marriage.  And today they got it, proving once again that liberals beat conservatives all to pieces on persistence and tenacity.

Do not miss the significance of the Iowa and Vermont decisions, that now place these states alongside Massachusetts and Connecticut.  In addition to marriage being redefined, so is family.  Nevermind that thousands of social science research studies show that what is best for children is living with their married mother and father–that is, male and female.  (By the way, the Iowa court essentially said such research is bunk.)

The courts and legislature that have redefined family have basically said that two moms or two dads are as good as the team of one mom and one dad.  So what that really means is either men or women, depending on the arrangement, are absolutely unnecessary and immaterial in the development of young boys and girls.  That’s family redefined, remade, and, yes, turned on its head.

Again, I stand amazed that Wisconsin’s marriage protection amendment is in place!  However, I don’t rest comfortably.  It’s already been challenged in the court.  A decision affirming its legality was appealed.  I’m quite certain the case will land in the state supreme court before we’re done.

And then there’s the governor’s same-sex, marriage-like statewide domestic partnership registry and benefits in his proposed budget.  That provision also challenges Wisconsin’s amendment.

The truth?  Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom–and apparently of protecting and preserving marriage and family!  Wake up, Wisconsin!  Now is not the time to rest or hide; now is the time to show up, stand up and speak up for marriage and family!


One comment on “Marriage and Family Turned on Its Head

  1. Jefferson Fan says:

    C’mon Julaine. If you’re going to quote Thomas Jefferson, at least get it right: “Eternal vigilance is the price of LIBERTY.” As in, each citizen’s Constitutional right to form familial relationships free from government intrusion. Mr. Jefferson would never have agreed with the positions you take.

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