Julaine’s TEA Party Remarks


Remarks by Julaine K. Appling
TEA Party – Madison, WI –
State Capitol, Wed., April 15, 2009

Thank you, Mark—and thank you to everyone at AFP and to all the others who have made this great event possible!  I’m honored to be a part!

Hello, Wisconsin!  I begin today addressing my remarks to those responsible for this TEA Party—those whose actions have brought us to this point:  Governor Doyle and the Wisconsin legislature.  To you I say, you tell us you want a strong Wisconsin?  Then our message to you today is back off!  We hope you hear this message and hear it clearly today:  back off.

It is absolutely true that when Wisconsin’s families are strong, Wisconsin is strong.  When our families are weak, Wisconsin is weak.   So, back off –back off on your incredibly bad plans to increase taxes, fees and regulations that will make it harder for our families.  Harder for our families to make a reasonable living.

Your policies make it harder for our families to stay together in peace and safety.  Harder for our families who want to have a stay-at-home parent.  Harder for our families to make educational choices that are in the best interest of their children.  Harder for our families to enjoy the recreational opportunities in our beautiful state.  Harder for our families to invest in their future by buying homes and saving for college and retirement.  Harder for our families to get the best health care.  Harder for our families to get involved with and volunteer in our communities and schools because we must work longer and harder.   Harder for our families to afford good quality, safe child care.

Your plans make it harder for our families to maintain our family businesses and farms or to start a business.  Harder for our families to have a quality of life that makes us able to and beyond that, makes us want to, stay in this great state.  Harder for our families to leave anything to our children—except horrendous, staggering debt, which by the way is certainly taxation without the consent of the governed—since they aren’t even born yet—and it is perilously close to taxation without representation!

 Back off, Governor and Legislature—Wisconsin’s families are this state’s best resource—bar none!  Mark my words, as the family goes, so Wisconsin goes!  Let our families thrive—and by doing so you will find this economic crisis reversing—not by dangerous and really stupid stimulus plans, or by bogus bail-outs, or by increased financial demands on “we the people” the citizens of this state, but by the social unit that has always made Wisconsin and this country the best place on earth—our families.  Just give us the opportunity—and back off!  Govern this state instead of gouging its families!  Back off and watch our families thrive and then watch Wisconsin prosper!

And now to you!  Friends, this Tea Party is incredible—but we cannot, we dare not let this energy and involvement stop here!  We must take it and make it productive in our own communities and sustain it through the next election cycle and beyond.  It’s right that we should be asking individually and collectively, “Now What?  What’s next?”  Wisconsin Family Action believes the change we are really looking for will come only when different people are elected to represent us!  We’re in this mess because those we elected ignored us, or listened to a party leader or line, or had an agenda.  The way out is for us to elect truly good people to every level of government—from school board right through the presidency.  We must become more effective, informed and involved citizen activists.  We must help implement freedom and limited government in our state and nation—for the sake of our families—and for the sake of our children’s families!

Well, thankfully there’s an answer to the question “Now What?”  Wisconsin Family Action is proud to partner with Americans for Prosperity and with organizations such as American Majority, a national group connecting with local communities.  These organizations are answering the “now what?” question.   To find out what’s next just visit aftertheteaparty.com for details or fightbackwisconsin.com!  Or visit wisconsinfamilyaction.org. However you get there, keep the energy and the momentum.  Find out how you can help get good people elected—or even run for office yourself, learn how you can keep this momentum going, and how you can help secure liberty and prosperity for your family and for future generations!  That’s aftertheteaparty.com or wisconsinfamilyaction.org or fightbackwisconsin.com!   Let’s keep this party going for our families and for all those coming after us!

Thank you!  God bless you—and God bless Wisconsin!


One comment on “Julaine’s TEA Party Remarks

  1. Call Me Mom says:

    I was in attendence and heard you speak. I will be posting over the next few days on my blog: iratetirelessminority.blogspot.com
    It was a very well behaved gathering and my teenage son who attended with me is fired up. Thank you.

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