Twittering From the TEA Party

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12 comments on “Twittering From the TEA Party

  1. Jeffrey Gordon says:

    I was not at a tea party today although I seriously considered it. Due to the economic downturn I am on a count down to the loss of everything. On my side I have the Blessed Mother and the God who made her as a supreme act of Mercy. Given that I should be OK.

    God Bless

  2. Wayne Palmer says:

    Juliane, my father, my wife and I were with you in Madison today. You gave a great speech, the homeschooled teenager was awesome, and Vicki Mckenna rocked the house. It was a beautiful day!!

    While I doubt if any of the pirates and reprobates in the Capitol building really listened to us, it was still a great event. Thank you.

  3. jennifer schmidt says:

    Shalom, My husband and I attended the Tea party in Berkley East, oops, er, Mad City today! We are glad that we went. It doesn’t mean that I agree with or embrace everything that was said or done there. I don’t care one bit about gun “rights”, so called, because the Scripture says, “for our weapons are NOT carnal, but spiritual and mighty for the pulling down of strongholds”. The US, as a nation of independent constitutional republics, has been trusting in the arm of the flesh, and that is just wrong. If we think that our guns and tanks and army ranks are our sure defense, and especially as private citizens, the opposition will just bring bigger guns and ammo! But the people have adopted that idea, as well. For the most part, I agree with the ideas of conservative, republican government, but I want patriots and statesmen to lead us, not politicians and bureaucrats, of either party. I sense that there were a number of Independents there. I enjoyed seeing people out taking their responsibilities. One sign displayed that I thought was great said: “Don’t redistribute my wealth, redistribute my work ethic”. Very good! The “Rock Star Republican” Honorable Paul Ryan aside, it seems that both party constituents are looking for A messiah, but NOT THE MESSIAH! From talking with some people there, I had the distinct thought that there really won’t be a political solution to what ails us as a state/nation. We cannot expect regenerate thinking and behavior from unregenerate people, and we won’t change legislators minds until we change their hearts. Having said that, I don’t want to be so heavenly minded that I am no earthly good. And I have to ask, is the hand of YHVH in this, even the evil prospering and the willing dupes of all stripes being in charge over us? Something to think about. We need to go beyond the Constitution and devour the Scriptures! We believers need to be

    humbly seeking His face, and we need to be fasting and in prayer and supplication to Him for His mercy upon each one of us. We need to earn the right to speak and we must understand that we cut off the flow of blessing in our own lives through ignorance and/or disobedience. Be blessed. And oh, I did sign the petition to recall Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle. It is my understanding that Scott Walker agreed to run against him if there are enough signatures to recall. 594,000 are needed. Once again, be blessed, jennifer schmidt

  4. mama t says:

    We had a small but noticeable contingent in Hartford, WI – about 30 people, most with signs of their own making. The slogans included: “Taxed Enough Already”, “No tax $ for abortion”, “Remember us? WE the People!”, “No Bailouts”, etc. Drive-by response was mostly positive with some neutral.

    We collected emails amongst ourselves for further local activity. We’ll avail ourselves of your suggested links, thank you!

  5. Ron Wink says:

    Fond du Lac, WI – Veterans Park.
    Weather was wonderful and the speakers were inspiring. We even had a surprise visit by Ben Franklin.

    It was a wonderful pep rally on an otherwise dismal tax day!

    Randy Hopper our new State Senator was there.

  6. Chris Brandt says:

    I attended the Madison Tea Party today and it was one of the greatest positive experiences I have ever had. There were teenagers, college students, middle age adults, and older adults. People from all walks of life were there. The common team was that this was not one political party against another but Americans that were tired of being taxed to support initiatives that were against the fabric of what this country was built, hardwork and self reliance.

  7. Cindy Beaty says:

    Julaine, my husband and two of our sons and I attended the TEA party in Wausau this evening. The attendance was good, the speakers inspiring, and the weather was lovely. What more could we ask? To think that it all came together in a little over a week is simply amazing. There were several well-worded signs and support from passers-by. Overall it was a very positive experience for us.

  8. Ed Haydin says:

    I attended the Fond du Lac Veteran’s Park Party. I would describe the event as orderly, patriotic, respectful, but dead serious about changing the way we do business in our nation’s capitol! – as well as in our State’s capitol. I did not see a petition for the recall of Governor Doyle. It’s too bad that it was not better organized – I think a large number of signatures would have been obtained – including mine. I would guess there were about 500 or so present. An impressive gathering for Fond do lac. It seems that the age range was middle to upper with only a few younger adults present. It’s my guess that those most attracted to the event had plenty of experience in managing money and paying off debt – and are shocked by the shear magnitude of our debt. I think the younger folk have not caught on to the seriousness of the issue we’re facing – nor will they until they have to begin paying off this massive burden.
    The “handwriting is on the wall”! “You have been weighed in the balances and found wanting”!

  9. Turnout was great here in Wausau. Beautiful day for it, too. I didn’t notice an unruly, rightwing extremist in the whole bunch, but then again, what do I know? I don’t work for the current Dept of Homeland Security. I posted my live blogging of the event here, along with some pictures.

  10. Dawn says:

    We attended the tea party in Wisconsin Rapids and even made the Wausau WSAW channel 7 news! We opened with prayer and sang a lovely rendition of “The Battle Cry of Freedom” 100+ people strong accompanied by a civil war era fife! Many great signs including “Born free taxed 2 death” and “Give Me Liberty Not Debt” were being waved. One gentlemen had this fantastic flag top hat with tea bags hanging from it! The grand finale was tossing our small handful of tea toward the Wisconsin River in symbolic protest. Some headlines labeled us as polluters. Give me a break, the total amount of tea tossed was minimal,(25 people tossing 1/8 of a tea bag tops) and most of it blew away from the river because of the wind. All in all, a great experience!

  11. Gary Baribeau says:

    Since I live in Hudson, Wisconsin I attended the Tea Party at the Minnesota State Capital in St. Paul. There were 10,000 in attendance. It was my first so called protest and found it interesting that for many attending it was their first protest as well. I think a key comment by several of the speakers was lets keep the ball a rolling. Everyone was civil and united in stopping the spending at both federal and state levels.

  12. David Towle says:

    I attended the tea party in Madison, and it was amazing to see so many people finally becoming active! I was extremely happy to hear so many speakers address the issue of debt! I hear a lot about the deficit and spending, but not too much about paying off the debt we currently have. I hope we address this as a major moral issue and start being good stewards of what God has given us.

    Let us focus on putting our faith in God our Creator, and never make the mistake of putting our faith in our government. I am not anti-government by any means, but we can not depend on our government to take care of our everyday needs. Government should focus on defending us from threats to our nation and its freedom.

    Also, as a member of the Reserves being deployed to Afghanistan next month, I just want to encourage everyone here to stay active and keep up the fight for our freedoms! We are fighting for freedom on foreign soil and right here at home. It would be terrible to come back and find out that our government has succeeded in gaining the control it wants!

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