President not the only one making bad appointments

While the Obama Administration racks up the number of questionable, at best, federal nominees our very own State Senate is following suit.

This morning, the State Senate voted to reappoint Roger Axtell and Mike Weiden to the University of Wisconsin Hospitals & Clinics Authority (UWHC) Board.  It was a close vote on both counts, 17-15, and surprisingly not entirely on party lines.

If you followed the UW Late-Term Abortions situation earlier this year, you know the UWHC Board, UW Medical Foundation Board and Meriter Hospital Board, and the Madison Surgery Center Board (MSC), each voted to allow their joint venture, the MSC, to perform the horrific dilation and evacuation (D&E) abortion procedure on fully-formed, preborn babies up to 22 weeks old.  Axtell and Weiden both voted in favor of these late second-trimester abortions.

Breaking clearly on principle and not party lines, the State Senate also confirmed former Rep. Sheldon Wasserman’s appointment to the Medical Examining Board today on a 21-11 vote.  Wasserman’s ten-year history in the State Assembly of voting against life and conscience protections for health care workers is enough to disqualify him for a position in which he’ll be making decisions about licensing, certifying and regulating physicians and physician assistants.

Be that as it may, the Senate confirmed all three appointments, although the vote was very close on the UWHC Board appointments, and would probably have been 17-16 had all 33 Senators been present for the vote.  At the very least, the confirmations were not unanimous or as easily approved as the 13 other appointments on the agenda this morning.


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