MPS Sexuality Education or Indoctrination?

Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) is reviewing its Human Growth & Development curriculum (read, “sex ed”) and is looking for parental input.  So far, the district has received a little over 60 responses from parents–disturbingly few, but perhaps not surprising considering the curricula’s depth and length.

We reviewed the curriculum for a few of the grades (starting at 6th grade!) and my first reaction is–wow.  This curriculum gives teachers a great deal of influence during an extremely vulnerable time in kids’ lives on a very important subject to the health, happiness and future of their students.  While some of the information in the curriculum is based on widely accepted scientific, medical information, an even greater amount is highly subjective and controversial. 

The curriculum certainly devotes the majority of class time to encouraging “safe” sexuality, basically assuming teenagers will be sexually active, instead of an abstinence-centered approach–one that focuses on the lifestyle and benefits of waiting until marriage.  In fact, in the high school curriculum’s 137 pages marriage is  mentioned only about 15 times.

In one of the units, the “Acceptance Continuum” (page 33), students are required to grade their own “acceptance” of homosexuality in the classroom,  expected to “Advocate tolerance and understanding of the HIV-positive and the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities,” and subjected to a list of Myths v. Facts on homosexuality based on the statements of the politically-charged American Psychiatric Association (including one claiming gay and lesbian people cannot be “changed”–an incredibly inaccurate and discriminatory statement used to discredit such groups as Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays or PFOX).

Both the high school and 6th-grade curricula (and probably the others as well) contain links to Planned Parenthood’s (PP) main website and its highly suspect teen website.  For a taste of the kind of info kids will get on those sites, check out this PP page on marriage.

Milwaukee parents, you need to weigh in on this.  This is your right–to have a say as to how and what your child is taught on this extremely important subject.  Don’t leave it up to the district, PP and teachers to decide whether your child is educated or indoctrinated on human sexuality.    The deadline for input is May 15.

For those in other school districts–take note!  Your district is not exempt from this same type of indoctrination.


One comment on “MPS Sexuality Education or Indoctrination?

  1. John Hyland, Appleton, WI says:

    I just read the other day that the leader of Planned Parenthood some years ago, is said to have the opinion that African Americans should be eliminated. That really is in line with the way they operate. Most of their Planned Parenthood clinics around the country are in ghettoes, poor, slum, minority areas. All one has to do is look at the percentage of blacks getting abortions compared to others, and you’ll see!Genocide! Yes! It’s all around us and we don’t see it! As long as schools continue down this path, it will continue.

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