The Levatinos’ Story

Last night I attended Wisconsin Right to Life’s event in Madison with several other WFC staffers.  Dr. Anthony Levatino, former abortionist, and his wife, Cecelia, were the keynote speakers.  Their story was…incredible.

Dr. Levatino, an OBGYN, performed abortions (including late-term abortions) as part of his practice for years.  Because of the recent UW late-term abortions situation, He described for us, in heartbreaking detail, just exactly how he used to perform a dilation and evacuation (D&E) abortion.  He even had the tools for a D&E with him, just like the ones he used as an abortionist.

After a devastating death in his family, Dr. Levatino started looking at abortion differently till he gave it up all together.  It took a while but eventually he recognized and acknowledged the lies and horrors of the abortion “choice,” something he knew by personal experience.

Interestingly, his wife did not agree with what he was doing all those years but they never talked about it.  They described how his abortion practice put a strain on their marriage, to the point where their marriage almost failed before he decided to stop performing abortions.

Amazing story, amazing couple.  I’m sure there wasn’t a dry eye or composed soul in the room as the Doctor described a D&E (warning! graphic images)–the very procedure the Madison Surgery Center intends to perform over 100 times a year on second-trimester babies.

May God have mercy on this country for legalizing and glamorizing the horrific genocide of innocent, helpless babies!


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