Same-Sex “Marriage” and Religious Liberty–Can’t Cohabitate

For years, Wisconsin Family Council (WFC) has been saying that changing the definition of marriage is fundamentally a religious liberty issue.

Our friend Chuck Colson’s Breakpoint article today zeros right in on the nub of the issue with a great summary of key situations that highlight what has already happened right here in America–cases that prove the point beautifully.  The two are intertwined–and we ignore that to our peril.

After giving 7 specific, compelling examples of where religious freedom has been trampled by so-called “gay rights,”  Colson says, “Clearly, homosexual ‘marriage’ and religious liberty cannot co-exist—because gay activists will not allow them to. As marriage expert Maggie Gallagher puts it, same-sex “marriage” advocates claim that religious faith ‘itself is a form of bigotry.'”

For those who say we should just go along to get along; that we can tolerate the remaking and redefining of marriage and still have our religious freedom, the facts prove you wrong.


One comment on “Same-Sex “Marriage” and Religious Liberty–Can’t Cohabitate

  1. Michele says:

    7 “compelling stories,” and this is the best you can do? Professionals asked to do the job they agreed to do, including photos, counseling , and medicine? Let’s look at the flip side. How about the guy who testified before the legislature in 2006 about being denied the right to hold his partner’s hand (they were partners for 18 years I believe) while he was dying in the ICU after being hit by a drunk driver, while the drunk’s wife got to comfort the drunk? Or maybe the children in Virginia, who were yanked away from their only living mother after one mother died, and placed with strangers- grandparents who did not have the basic decency to love their own daughter and her children? Do you care at all about the literally thousands of children in Florida languishing in group homes because not enough straight people are willing to adopt special needs kids, and the state bans gays from adopting? That’ll teach those orphans to ask for a home!

    If you don’t think religious freedom can co-exist with basic human decency and respect for others, then I am truly sorry for you. Churches that don’t want to support same-sex individuals or couples are free to restrict their access to the public. Individuals who want to discriminate against others are free to stay at home and not offer professinal services to all but a certain group of Americans. And of course, churches that use the pulpit for political purposes have waived the “right” to not pay taxes. It’s all about choice.

    There are plenty of churches and religious people who welcome gays and lesbians and their families with open arms.

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