Obama visiting Green Bay next week

Wisconsin learned earlier this week that President Obama is planning to come to Green Bay next Thursday for a “listening session.”  Given the October deadline he recently gave key Democrats for his “Obamacare” plan, we can be pretty sure he’s coming to campaign for his healthcare mandate.

If that’s the case (and even if it’s not), here’s hoping the president gets an earful from Wisconsin citizens on the many problems with his healthcare plan during his listening session next week.  Thanks to a letter the president sent out on Wednesday, we know what some of his demands are:

  • A government-run insurance option that would compete with the private sector
  • Delegating to a federal panel the power to make Medicare payment recommendations to Congress (what amounts to rationing government-run healthcare)
  • An “individual mandate” that all Americans obtain health coverage, with a “hardship exemption,” of course, for those who can’t afford it.  (?!?)  I don’t think I even want to hear how they’re going to work that one.
  • Exemption for small business from a government mandate that employers offer health benefits or pay taxes to finance the government-run health coverage.

Conspicuously missing is the president’s plan on taxing health insurance benefits–and a myriad of other highly important points (e.g., what kind of morally unacceptable practices–such as abortion–will be covered by Obamacare?).  We don’t know all the details yet, but this Thursday in Green Bay is a perfect opportunity for Wisconsinites to express their concerns about socialized medicine to the man behind the plan.


3 comments on “Obama visiting Green Bay next week

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  2. Kim Connolly says:

    When and where will he be coming? Is it open to the public like a twon hall meeting?

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