Democrats delay vote on state budget by one day

The Democratic leadership in the Assembly is having problems finding 50 votes to pass the state budget in its current form, as approved by the Joint Finance Committee so they’re delaying the vote until Thursday.

With a slim 52-46 majority in the Assembly, the Dems need every vote they can get but apparently that’s proving somewhat difficult.

A Democratic pro-budget caucus didn’t go over too well with Democratic legislators last Thursday.  Rep. Bob Ziegelbauer (D-Manitowoc) won’t vote for the budget and is instead offering a series of significant amendments.  Over in the Senate, Sen. Kathleen Vinehout (D-Alma) thinks legislators should have more of a say in the budget process.  Rep. Marlin Schneider (D-Wisconsin Rapids) thinks the budget has a lot of “bad things” in it.  In short, even the Democrats are ticked at the secret, high-handed dealings of their leadership over the state budget.

What do you think?


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