Being a Dad Is Something Special!

Wisconsin Family Council is all about families–and we believe dads are super important!  Social science research continues to support what we have long known (like since the beginning of Creation!) by experience–that kids need their dads. 

It’s been said before, but bears repeating:  there’s a big difference between “fathering” a child (as in, contributing DNA) and being a dad.  Dads are “there” for their children, providing strength, security, safety, boundaries, unconditional love, discipline, training and more.  One of the most important aspects of being a dad is modeling how to be a good dad and, very important, a good husband.  We believe the best modeling comes from Christian dads who love the Lord and seek to follow His principles and precepts.

When fathers aren’t around, bad things happen.  Research shows, for instance, that when fathers are absent, kids are more likely to have problems in school and girls are more likely to be promiscuous at young ages.

Someone has said the most important thing a dad can do for his children is to love their mother.  Boy, how true that is!  When children see a mom and dad who are in love with each other, who stay married in spite of hardships, who are united in their concern and care for their sons and daughters, who worship and pray together,  their security increases and the likelihood of their being good dads and moms is significantly strengthened.   Talk about a great investment!

So from all of us at Wisconsin Family Council to all you dads–thank you for the effort you put into your families!  You deserve honor and respect every day–but we take this opportunity to say it–and show it–in a special way.  Thank you and HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!  

P.S. Several of us at WFC have lost our dads already.  We miss them dearly and are grateful God gave us the dads He did!


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