Training the next generation in the ways of freedom

PassingTorchLast Saturday the Wall Street Journal published a column about the Founding Fathers…as fathers.

As I read the article, I was impressed by the great importance these fathers placed on their children’s education, not only academically but in the ways of virtue, freedom and the values of colonial America.  They went to great lengths to instill in their children that same passion and fervency for freedom and justice that they lived every day for. They raised them with the knowledge that one day their children would be the caretakers of the nation they had risked everything for.

Not unlike today.  The next generation will bear the consequences (good or bad) of everything we do today–all the national debt we incur, every social policy or experimentation we undertake, every discovery we make in medicine and science.  Are we preparing them for that responsibility?

Are we fitting them with the values, knowledge, experience and understanding they need to defend, protect and advance the cause of freedom and justice?  Are we preparing them  to navigate the course of their generation in history, or are we leaving them woefully unprepared to bear the burden of our generation’s unbridled attack on freedom, Judeo-Christian values and our republican form of government?

Listed below are a few websites you may find helpful as you train your children in the ways of freedom and justice.  The first one is Wisconsin Family Council’s Passing the Torch page with summer ideas for fun, historical family vacations close to home.


One comment on “Training the next generation in the ways of freedom

  1. Scott Russell says:

    By “freedoms,” do you mean freedoms of all American citizens, including homosexuals, to lead productive lives and “pursue happiness”? Or do you exclude them because they are sinners in God’s eyes and not worthy of equal treatment in relationships, housing, and jobs? Do you want to see them prevented from working as teachers or in the military? Do you think landlords should be able to refuse to house them because they are homosexuals? If so, then we mean vastly different things when we refer to “freedom.” Being free in this country is not reserved for conservative Christians, but for all citizens.

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