The Religious Freedom Front

Our 1st Amendment right to freedom of religion is under attack right now like never before, on so many fronts.  Whenever the liberal agenda clashes with religious freedom, the liberal agenda attempts to undermine or completely destroy religious freedom.

For example; have you heard about the fight to keep the veterans memorial (a white cross) in the Mojave Desert?  This six minute video gives an excellent summary of the situation.

Then there are the 7 examples the National Public Radio used to illustrated why religious freedom and same-sex marriage cannot coexist.  Note: there are many more examples.  Click here to read some.

  • NJ Methodist camp successfully sued for refusing to allow lesbian couple to marry in buildings used for religious purposes.
  • CA Christian physicians successfully sued for refusing to provide IVF services to lesbian couple even though they referred the couple to another provider.
  • MA Catholic adoption service forced to close doors for refusing to provide services to homosexual couples.
  • MS therapist fired for referring lesbian client for lesbian relationship counseling.
  • Private NY Jewish medical school forced to allow homosexual couples to live in married student housing.
  • NM Christian photographer successfully sued for refusing to film lesbian commitment ceremony.
  • Online adoption agency forced to stop working in CA after refusing to assist samesex couples seeking adoption.

The Alliance Defense Fund maintains a page of current religious freedom cases in Wisconsin (in addition to life and marriage-related cases).  Click here to access that page and get informed about attacks on religious freedom in Wisconsin.

What can you do?

  • Support religious freedom organizations like WFC, Alliance Defense Fund, Wallbuilders and Liberty Counsel.
  • Exercise your 1st Amendment right and report to one of the above organizations if you believe your right to religious freedom has been violated.
  • Click here to find out more about your 1st Amendment rights.

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