No filibuster to slow down Sotomayor confirmation

Ranking Senate Judiciary member, Sen. Jeff Session (R-AL) practically assured Sotomayor yesterday that she wouldnt’ have to worry about a filibuster from the GOP.

FRC Action’s blog, the Cloakroom, gives a quick summary of the “family issues” portion of Sotomayor’s notoriously rushed hearings:

The confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor wrapped up yesterday in one of the quickest hearings in recent history, lasting about three days for witnesses and questions. If that wasn’t enough of an indication that their will be no filibuster of the nomination, as some conservative groups has asked for, Senate Judiciary Ranking Member, Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) stated unequivocally yesterday that “I will not support and I don’t think any member of this side will support a filibuster or any attempt to block a vote on your nomination . . . I look forward to you getting that vote before we recess in August.”

Read the rest here.


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