Fix Health Care Policy

The Heritage Foundations posted four videos on their health care website,, to fact check some of the Obama Administration’s claims regarding the health care overhaul.

In the videos, Heritage experts explain four frightening facts regarding the health care bills before Congress:

  1. 88 million will see their coverage disappear
  2. Medicaid has a long history of rationing
  3. Medicare won’t be safe if history is a guide
  4. Obama’s plan will hurt small businesses

Here’s video #1

To see the rest of the informative videos, click here.


One comment on “Fix Health Care Policy

  1. cwaterhouse says:

    It seems to be telling that the longer we talk about it and the public has a chance to find out more of the details about the bill, the more opposition there is. We are becoming more educated on what is proposed and are turning more and more against it. A recent Rasmussen poll shows that now instead of a large majority supporting the reform, the majority are now against it. The pied piper seems to have lost his magic oration. I love an educated public!

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