Truth Project Leader Training in Racine tomorow

Tomorrow Wisconsin Family Council (WFC) is conducting a Truth Project (TTP) half-day leader training event at Calvary Memorial Church in Racine from 8:30-12:30 p.m.  (For more information click here).  Aren’t already registered?  No problem!  Walk-ins are welcome!  Registration starts at 8 a.m.  $99 per individual or couple.  Come join us!

The half-day training event (which WFC is authorized to conduct anywhere in Wisconsin through Focus on the Family) is the quickest way to get training to host a TTP small group and to get the DVD set (comes with the cost of admission).  At a half-day training event, you’ll receive your TTP DVD set, learn how to facilitate a TTP small group and utilize the many resources and helps on TTP small group leader website.  You’ll also get tips and suggestions from people who have facilitated TTP small groups and a chance to ask questions.  Our goal is to prepare and equip you to successfully facilitate a TTP small group and to hopefully address any questions or concerns you might have.

This fall, Focus on the Family is releasing a new DVD-based apologetics curriculum for high school students preparing for college called TrueU.  I’m incredibly excited about this new curriculum and the opportunity it provides for Christian students to gain a solid foundation in the aspects of their faith that will most likely be challenged at college.

I can remember sitting in class at a UW school, listening to my professors mock my faith, my upbringing and my deepest beliefs.  Sometimes I spoke up, sometimes I didn’t.  Often, I didn’t have the time to compile the information I needed to properly defend my beliefs.

I look back on that now and wish 1) I was more prepared with solid facts, information and arguments and 2) that I had spoken up more often.  TrueU was designed to provide Christian students with the information and knowledge they need to not only maintain their faith in the halls of the university, but to defend it as well.

To learn more about TrueU, click here for an FAQ.  Check out the TrueU previews here.


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