Giving a voice to the preborn

This week’s radio commentary…

In early January of this year, at least eight months ago, Wisconsin Family Council found out about a secret plan to provide late second-trimester abortions at the prestigious Madison Surgery Center (MSC), a joint venture of the UW Hospital and Clinics, the UW Medical Foundation, and Meriter Hospital.

When the pro-life community in Wisconsin found out about the secret plan, we joined forces and went all-out with vigils, protests, rallies, radio ads, a statewide petition, phone calls, emails and faxes protesting the plan. In an unprecedented move, pro-life organizations and individuals across the state of different faiths, persuasions and beliefs organized on this issue to provide a voice for the 100+ babies per year who were to be slaughtered at the new late-term abortion mill at the Madison Surgery Center.

Read/listen to the rest of the commentary here.


One comment on “Giving a voice to the preborn

  1. […] Authority Board.  During his most recent tenure on that board, Axtell voted in favor of the Madison Surgery Center’s notorious plan to provide late, 2nd-trimester […]

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