Regarding health insurance: Long live capitalism!

We received an interesting fax in the office the other day.   It was promoting a health insurance plan for “self-employed, small business, individuals & families.”   As I read through it, with today’s health-care “reform” debate roiling through my mind, I thought, “Ok…another too-good-to-be-true” advertising gimmick.”  But, I continued to be intrigued.  So, I called the toll-free number.

Here are the highlights of what I was told:
1)  The $199 single, $299 couple, $369 family per month premiums are guaranteed for 5 years.
2)  There is no annual deductible.
3)  The only pre-existing conditions that will prevent a person from being accepted are a heart attack, stroke or cancer within the last year.
4)  Superior Health Benefits is the company offering the plan, and they have apparently determined that they were willing to take all these self-employed, small business, individuals and families and roll them into a group of over 250,000.
5)  Primary care, specialist or chiropractic visits are $25 at the time of the visit
6)  Some dental is covered, including office visits and cleanings

So let’s see…the arguments virtually everyone is making in the push to “reform” health-care and particularly health insurance include:

1) Premiums go up significantly every year.
2) Pre-existing conditions prevent coverage.
3) Deductibles are too high.
4) Groups for self-employed, small business owners, etc. are non-existent or too small to get good rates.

All of these have been addressed in this offer.  Every one of them–and in favor of the consumer.  I’m doing further investigation on this–but, if everything holds true, I’d say this is capitalism and free-market enterprise working exactly as it is supposed to.  When the consumer and the market start saying “enough is enough” in their words and action, companies take note and make adjustments.  Long live capitalism!


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