The Un-healthy Youth Act

Tomorrow the Assembly Committee on Education is holding a public hearing on AB458–the “Healthy Youth Act.”

This week’s radio commentary:

Good government should “promote the general welfare” of the people it governs. The preamble of our state constitution actually makes that statement; that the purpose of the constitution is to, among other things, promote the general welfare of the people of Wisconsin.

Right now, we need several of our state legislators to seriously consider that aspect of our constitution.

Early this week, the Assembly Education Committee will hold a public hearing on Assembly Bill (AB) 458, grossly misnamed the “Healthy Youth Act.” After thoroughly reviewing the legislation, along with other state leaders, we’ve renamed the bill the “Un-healthy Youth Act” or the “Promoting Promiscuity for Youth Act.” This bill, if it is passed, will dramatically, and negatively, alter Wisconsin’s current Human Growth & Development (“sex ed”) statutes.

Read/listen to the rest here.


One comment on “The Un-healthy Youth Act

  1. […] been following this blog, then you know that our sister organization, Wisconsin Family Action, has been dealing with a harmful sex-ed bill, AB 458, in the state legislature.  You can read more about that […]

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