About that Human Growth & Development hearing today…

Randy Melchert at www.randallmelchert.com has an excellent blog on the hearing we spent over five hours attending this morning.  Click here to read the blog.

Click here to see a video of Julaine’s testimony before the Assembly Education Committee on AB 458, the so-called “Healthy Youth Act.”

Click here to read Julaine’s testimony.

Click here to read WFA’s Talking Points on AB458.


4 comments on “About that Human Growth & Development hearing today…

  1. Amy Johnson says:

    We are parents who like to have a say in what are children are being taught. We do like to see what they are being taught. Not 1/2 of what is being taught but the the full. If we want to see the material that is being used we do not want to see 1/2 of it. You could be leaving out the most important part. I want people from the health field to discuss with my kids the “importance of family” not just the idea that it is alright to have sex before they are married. This is what we teach at home along with an open door communication.

  2. H. Eugene Eslinger says:

    Splendid response, Julaine! Gene Eslinger

  3. Judith Daniel says:

    Please vote no, we have “enough” government control, and invasion in the lives of our children. Let the families do their job, not the government.

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