October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Over 41,100 women in the United Stated died of breast cancer in 2005, and it is estimated that 40,170 will die from the disease in 2009.  Throughout the entire year, and particularly in October, we are reminded of the havoc this disease wreaks on women and families. One of the reasons so much money, effort and research is being spent to find a cure is because of the large number of possible risk factors related to breast cancer (i.e., being female, family history, being overweight, etc.).

However, there is one significant risk factor that is practically never mentioned in the realm of breast cancer prevention–and that is abortion. According to the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer, “… abortion is the most preventable risk factor for breast cancer.” Amazing! Why don’t we ever hear this? More importantly, why don’t women considering an abortion ever hear this?

Read the rest of WFC’s article here.

Click here to visit WFC’s Abortion/Breast Cancer Link page for more information, studies, etc.


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