Winning Campaigns…Without Compromising Your Values!

Today begins a new chapter in the life of Wisconsin Family Action (WFA).  We officially launch our first campaign training session, “Winning Campaigns…Without Compromising Your Values.”

WFA engaged Mark Montini, one of the nation’s premier campaign stategists and consultants, to help design this unique seminar.  The focus is on specific action items candidates need to win campaigns, with primaries given a special emphasis.   Mark has agreed to come and do the presenting for this kick-off event.

WFA is interested in seeing principled people elected to office in Wisconsin, from the local level through the federal level–people of character and conviction.  This campaign seminar is designed to instruct and equip such candidates to be successful and stand firm on their values–values such as marriage and family, life, and religious freedom, as well as a commitment to free market and limited government.  It’s training that is practical in nature–not just theoretical; it’s “do it,” not just “think it.”

Today and tomorrow local, state and federal candidates, campaign workers/volunteers, and concerned Wisconsin citizens will receive training that is second to none.   These are two days that may well change the lives of individuals, communities, our state and our country!

We’ll post blogs as we can to give updates on the seminars.  If all goes well, we’ll be posting some 30 sec videos on the WFA website.

Future “Winning Campaigns…Without Compromising Your Values” sessions will be scheduled.  Stay tuned for more information about these extraordinary training opportunities that WFA will be presenting.


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