Supporting Families and Right Priorities

This week’s radio commentary:

In September of this year, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker delivered his 2010 budget and indicated that his number one objective for the budget was to make it more affordable for families to live and work in Milwaukee County. It is most certainly a laudable objective, and one that Wisconsin Family Council fully supports.County Executive Scott Walker understands that the family is the key to any society and economy. It’s the number one reason he wants to hold the line on taxes in Milwaukee County—to support family units instead of stressing families with excessive taxation, especially following such a difficult year financially.

Thirteen of the nineteen members of the Milwaukee County Board, however, have a different agenda. On November 5, during a County Board meeting, those thirteen members voted to adopt a budget provision to draft changes to the county health insurance plan that would ultimately give health care benefits to the same-sex and opposite-sex unmarried domestic partners of county employees.

Read/listen to the rest here.


3 comments on “Supporting Families and Right Priorities

  1. Ruthie Vosberg says:

    I support Cty Exec Scott Walker’s Veto Promise #fb. Thank You and God Bless.
    Ruthie Vosberg

  2. Vernon Court says:

    We are praying the the Milwaukee County Supervisors will have a change of heart when they vote to overturn County Executive Scott Walker’s veto on Same Sex Marriage and Domestic Partner Budget Item for Milwaukee County.

  3. Vernon Court says:

    We want the Milwaukee County Supervisors to fail on the budget issue for the veto overturn on the Supporting Families and Right Priorties

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