MPS – More of the same will not fix the problem

Memo to Milwaukee Public Schools:  Thanks for making our case–comprehensive sex education programs don’t work.   Rising STIs, alarmingly high rates of sexual activity among middle and high school students, and increasing teen pregnancies–that’s what you get with comprehensive sex ed programs.

MPS has a comprehensive sex ed program.  It is not abstinence-centered; it is not even “heavy on” abstinence.  It is your classic, Planned Parenthood-endorsed, contraceptive-based, recreational-sex-pushing comprehensive sex ed program.  Their newest addition to this program, if the school board approves it, will include handing out free condoms to students who want them–2 condoms per student, without parental input, knowledge or permission, but with a conversation and material from the school nurse.  According to this line of thinking, if plan A isn’t working, then do more of A. 

So if this is what comprehensive sex ed programs give us and we say we don’t like these results, why in the world do we want to pass a state law that absolutely ensures more of the same? 

Assembly Bill 458 passed last month in our state Assembly.  It will likely show up on the Senate floor next month.  Among other things, AB 458 (with its adopted amendments) mandates that every school district in WI choosing to offer a Human Growth and Development (HG&D) program absolutely must have a comprehensive sex ed program.  No longer will school districts have a choice-they will be required to either adopt a comprehensive sex ed program or drop their HG&D curriculum altogether.

Proponents of AB 458 tout rising STI rates, increasing teen pregnancies, and high rates of sexual activity among teens as the proof that this bill is needed.  What?  MPS has for years had exactly the type of program this bill would require–and the results?  Rising STIs, increased teen pregnancies and alarming rates of sexual activity among the students. 

Do we really think more of the same will result in a different outcome?   Based on what?  What a demeaning, life-threatening position MPS has taken with its students.  And, sadly, MPS’s experience will become the standard for many other districts thanks to state legislators who just don’t get it.


One comment on “MPS – More of the same will not fix the problem

  1. […] We already have a situation with the Milwaukee Public School (MPS) system wanting to hand out free condoms to MPS high school students.   Now we find out that Milwaukee is already handing out free condoms, and more, to Milwaukee […]

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