Appleton Abortion Clinic Exposed!

Live Action films, the organization that has been exposing Planned Parenthood clinics across the nation, was in Appleton, WI a few months ago…and they caught Planned Parenthood staff flat out lying…and breaking the law.

Wisconsin’s informed consent law requires that women receive “complete and accurate” information before undergoing an abortion. It’s an incredible “right to know” law…read it here.

In the video, an Appleton Planned Parenthood staffer lies to the girl seeking the abortion, telling her that the girl’s 10-week old baby does not have a heart beat, and that it is not a baby until birth.  You’ll hear Appleton Planned Parenthood’s resident abortionist tell the girl that abortion is safer than birthing her child, and that her baby is just a fetus.

My dear friend just heard her six-week-old baby’s heartbeat today…


One comment on “Appleton Abortion Clinic Exposed!

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