Bullying is bullying. Period.

The State Senate passed an omnibus “school safety” bill (SB 154) in late October of this year that addressed, among other things, “school bullying.”  Right now the bill is sitting in the Assembly Education Committee, where it will remain until the legislature comes back into session early next year.

“Bullying bills” are a recent phenomenon in the policy world, advocated chiefly by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN, founded by Obama’s controversial “School Safety Czar,” Kevin Jennings). GLSEN’s premise is that homosexual, lesbian, bisexual or question students need special protection because of “homophobia,” and they’ve been pretty successful convincing the academic world with their rhetoric.

So states and school districts implement these bullying laws meant, primarily, to give LGBT students special protections/rights, creating definitions of bullying that eclipse First Amendment free speech and free exercise of religion provisions.

The fact is, bully is bullying.  Any wrongful behavior, occurring on school property, should be outlawed and punished–no matter what the victim’s characteristics may be.  So-called “bullying laws” are nothing more than the homosexual activists’ attempt to indoctrinate school children with “diversity training” classes that demonize any opposition to homosexuality and brainwash children with the liberal definition of tolerance and approval.

These so-called “anti-bullying” bills end up allowing teachers to bully the religious and moral convictions of students who don’t line up with “pro-gay” ideologies.  True tolerance, (which, by the way, is facilitated by Biblical teachings on human dignity), allows for the free and respectful exchange of ideas–not the forced acceptance and advocacy of any and all lifestyles.


4 comments on “Bullying is bullying. Period.

  1. Dwight Glaubitz says:

    I agree, bullying is bullying. And that the bill State Senate passed is just a bunch of liberal baby’s trying to poulute the minds of our children!

  2. The so-called Bullying Bill seems to be going a bit too far in regulating child behavior in schools. All of us has been bullied at one time or another for one reason or another. To make a state law against bullying would create a terrible burden on schools to sort out which bullying was “made up” by an angry student and would take away the teacher/principal responsibility to discipline students. I wonder if it wouldn’t be more beneficial to teach students to respect each other and “treat each other like they would want to be treated”. (The Golden Rule!!!)

  3. Pam hughes says:

    School Administrators have sufficient guidlines for bullying. We don’t need to redefine it.

  4. S S says:

    How dare you put the word homophobia in quotations! Homophobia is a real thing that drives thousands of LGBT youth like me to depression and suicide each year. How dare you.

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