Health Care Reform v. The U.S. Constitution – #813

Click here to listen to/download an mp3 file of WFC’s radio commentary for this week…

Like you, we’ve heard a great deal about this health care “reform” fiasco over the last few months. Certainly one of the most troubling parts of this incredibly troubling bill is that the Senate version would allow the use of federal taxpayer dollars to fund, actually subsidize, abortions.

But, in addition to containing many economically damaging provisions, to say nothing of the moral outrage of federally funding abortions, this health care bill is blatantly and grossly unconstitutional; and that’s not a trifling matter.

The Cato Institute, a libertarian think-tank, recently published an article drawing attention to a few major constitutional issues with this legislation. The crux of the problem is the bill’s “individual mandate,” not the notorious “public option.”

Read/listen to the rest of the commentary here.


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