Milwaukee’s give-away, not in anyone’s best interest

We already have a situation with the Milwaukee Public School (MPS) system wanting to hand out free condoms to MPS high school students.   Now we find out that Milwaukee is already handing out free condoms, and more, to Milwaukee residents as young as 12 years old!

The Milwaukee “No Condom? No Way! Campaign,” which is geared towards teens, hands out free condoms to anyone 12 years and older at “dozens” of “distribution sites” throughout the city, including “both traditional: clinical, health focused or community-based sites and non-traditional: entertainment/music stores and venues, retail clothing and shoe stores, coffee shops, barber shops and beauty salons and body piercing/tattoo parlors.”

The stated purposed of this give-away is to encourage “teens to identify and abstain from high-risk sexual behavior” and promote “correct and consistent condom use among sexually active teens.”  If it weren’t such a serious matter, this stated purpose would be laughable.  How is giving away free condoms, to children as young as 12 years old, with nothing more than an instructive pamphlet, going to result in the behavioral changes needed for a teen to abstain from any sexual behavior, let alone “high-risk sexual behavior?”

So we have two questions.  First, if Milwaukee is already handing out free condoms to 12 year-olds at “dozens” of convenient locations, then why is the full MPS board about to vote on a provision to hand out free condoms at MPS high schools?

Second, why on earth is Milwaukee handing out condoms to 12 year-olds–or to anyone under the age of consent?!?!  We’re talking about underage sex, or even statutory rape for crying out loud!   Is there some way Milwaukee is intending to identify and actively protect the 12 year-olds picking up free, tax-payer subsidized condoms?

This ludicrous campaign is just another indicator of Milwaukee’s inept and liberal-agenda-driven approach to protecting teens from the physical, emotional and psychological consequences of teen/pre-marital sex.


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