Public funding of WI Supreme Court candidates challenged

In the last week, two challenges have been filed in federal court against the so-called “Impartial Justice Act” Gov. Doyle signed into law on Dec. 1.  The Act allows for the public (i.e. taxpayer) funding of State Supreme Court candidates.

Under the new law, Supreme Court candidates opting to take public funds would receive $100,00 for the primary race and $300,000 for the general election.  However…if that candidate’s opponent is not taking federal funds, and is running attack ads against him/her (or if a third party is running attack ads) the state would give the public funds candidate up to $300,000 more for the primary and up to $900,000 more for the general election!

That means we could be giving some State Supreme Court candidate up to $1.6 million of our tax dollars!! That’s more than any WI Supreme Court candidate has raised/spent. And what if you oppose the public funds candidate?  Too bad for you–your tax dollars go to him/her anyway!

That’s why Wisconsin Right to Life (WRTL) and former State Supreme Court candidate Judge Randy Koschnick have filed suit against the new law in federal court.

Click here for more on WRTL’s challenge.

Click here for Judge Koschnick’s press release.


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