Butler’s nomination, Take #2

It appears that Butler’s nomination to serve a lifetime term as a judge on the US District Court, Western District of Wisconsin has been at the least delayed and possibly stopped.

Obama will have to resubmit Butler’s nomination along with six other federal nominees the Senate failed to confirm before adjourning for 2009.  Senate Republicans signaled their disapproval of the nominees by insisting on sending the nominations back to the White House instead of allowing them to continue pending in the Senate.

GOP members have indicated their disapproval of Butler from the beginning because of his activist record on the WI Supreme Court bench.  In addition to Butler’s record on the bench, there’s the fact that voters rejected him twice in Wisconsin.  But that didn’t stop U.S. Senators Feingold and Kohl from recommending his nomination to Obama.

Now we wait to see whether Obama resubmits Butler’s nomination when the Senate reconvenes later this month.

Click here to read the JSOnline article on this story…


One comment on “Butler’s nomination, Take #2

  1. Robert says:

    Hopefully, various political action committees will remind voters in Nov. 2010 of Feingold’s attempt to give a federal judgeship to Butler, whom the voters rejected twice.

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