Disney’s new ex-gay policy

Disney has to adopt a shareholder resolution requiring that ex-gays be included in the corporation’s sexual orientation policy and diversity program; the SEC said so.  The resolution sites a recent case won by Parents and Friends of ExGays and Gays (PFOX) at the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.  The court’s ruling was that former homosexuals are a protected class that must be recognized under DC’s sexual orientation non-discrimination laws.

Former homosexuals are a thorn in the side of the homosexual movement because they prove that homosexuality is not immutable, as such, they are not included in homosexual activists’ “tolerance” campaigns.  Interestingly, the D.C. Superior Court also held that sexual orientation does not require immutable characteristics.

PFOX takes a page out of the homosexual activist handbook by insisting that former homosexuals be treated with the same tolerance and acceptance homosexuals demand.  Corporate Disney would rather leave former homosexuals in the closet but thanks to this shareholder resolution – they can no longer do that.  Good for the shareholders!

Is it being too optimistic to predict a pro-ex-gay Disney flick at some time in the future?  Do Disney’s screenwriters have to attend diversity programming?


8 comments on “Disney’s new ex-gay policy

  1. kpg says:

    Do you really believe that someone can become ex-gay? God created each of us with a plan: Some of us are gay, some of us are straight. Those pretending to be ex-gay are only going against God’s plan and pretending to be someone they’re not.

    • J Ellis says:

      No, God did not create anyone gay. He forbids homosexuality in the Bible and would not create someone to be something that he then forbids. Homosexuality is a sin and a choice ( like alcoholism). Granted that many people had something occur in childhood that makes it hard for them to identify why they have homosexual leanings. But, through the grace of God, someone can become ex-gay, just like all of us ( everyone) has sin in our life and through acknowledgement of our sin, repentance and acceptance of the free gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ can become saved and then we are no longer enslaved by sin.

    • possess says:

      Even if (and there is no concrete evidence) people are born with a gay gene, it still does not make it right. Having a certain gene does not make something right or wrong. If you believe the scientists, all sorts of diseases and behaviors are said to be genetically determined—from prostate cancer to rape (see here: http://www.americanvision.org/article/my-genes-made-me-do-it-/). Does that make them normative and morally acceptable? Then there is the new study that says behavior can affect our DNA, here: http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1951968,00.html

  2. Corey Mahler says:

    Why do ex-homosexuals need a protected class? Aren’t they now heterosexual? Free to flaunt themselves and recruit? Influence small children?

  3. Mike Caron says:

    @Corey ex-homosexuals need a protected class specifically because they are under such fire from the pro-homosexual movement. The Homosexual Community (HC) says that ex-homosexuals do not exist. By creating a protected class for them, the HC is prevented from lying to promote their adgenda. They must acknowledge that people can become switchers. Without such a protected class, these switchers are lost in the Heterosexual term and called names like bigots when they say that people are able to switch. Furthermore, by showing that switchers exist, there can not be a blanket statement by the HC that says they can’t change, so stop badgering us. Evidence exists to the contrary. It is also interesting in that while children are being blasted with pro-homosexual education, this particular protected class of citizens allows room for countering that blasting by teaching kids that not only can someone be homosexual, but there are homosexuals that have switched. One could formulate a curriculum that teaches the pros and cons of homo- and hetero-sexuality. The room to switch leaves pupils with a clear understanding that they can CHOOSE what they want to be. This is a VERY important distinction.

  4. William N. Platta says:

    Thank God the monolith of pro-homosexual propaganda now has its perfect counter argument “officially” and undeniably endorsed in the peer reviewed media of public discussion.

  5. MBLA says:

    If you think that sexuality is a preference (aside from bisexuals who can go either way) then logic would dictate that you yourself can CHOOSE to develop sexual attraction to members of the same sex, which would also suggest that you’ve proven this yourself by doing so at least once. Quite frankly, I’d be very interested in knowing if you can (and have). In any case, I think you’d find vastly more heterosexuals than homosexuals offended by the prospect that they can CHOOSE to develop homosexual attraction.

  6. Moxy Vote says:

    Individuals can use Moxy Vote’s new site at http://www.moxyvote.com to voice their opinion on this, and all other, proxy ballots. This site allows investors to join like-minded groups who have informed opinions on proxy ballots (like Humane Society, Investors Agaist Genoide, Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, etc.) By then affiliating their brokerage account to the site, the individual’s shares will be voted automatically….which reduces the concern about missing an important ballot question like this one.

    Moxy Vote is a neutral platform and has the Corporate Morality Action Center as an advocate on the site. This organization is supporting PFOX’s resolution and is encouraging members to vote in favor of the resolution.

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