Senate in Session…for now

The State Senate will vote on AB 458/SB 324, the “Unhealthy Youth Act” today.  Watch the proceedings here:

The Senate will most likely vote on AB 458 later in the day.  However, you never know…

Update: The bill is back in the Assembly! The Senate just concurred in AB 458 as amended, which means that the Assembly will have to concur in the amendment. The Assembly is in session right now and it’s very possible they will take the bill up yet today.

Of the six amendments offered by the GOP, the Senate rejected all but one, Sen. Glenn Grothman’s Senate Amendment 1 requiring that the legal ramifications of underage sex (i.e. sex offender registries, etc.) be taught along with the comprehensive sex ed required by this bill.  It was a long, hard fight in the Senate, much like the Assembly, with the exception that the majority party actually voted on the GOP amendments instead of tabling them.  Kudos to the Senators (particularly Grothman, Olsen, Leibham, Lazich and Hopper) who fought against this dangerous bill in the committee and/or on the floor.

There’s still time to contact your state representative!

Click here to find your state representative and locate his/her contact information.

Click here to send a prepared email to your representative.


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