Miss Me Yet?

This week’s radio commentary…

In the last few weeks, the picture of a billboard in rural Minnesota has gained national notoriety. According to the billboard-advertising agency, a group of businessmen sponsored the billboard, which sports a humorous photo of former President George W. Bush and the phrase, “Miss me yet?”

Last Tuesday the billboard was one of the most-searched items on Google and had generated a multitude of media stories. At first people thought it was a computer-doctored hoax, but it is a real billboard outside of Wyoming, Minnesota.

Read/listen to the rest here…


One comment on “Miss Me Yet?

  1. anonymous says:

    How do I respond to this Pro-Life democrat? I disagree with her comments about being a pro-life democrat b/c dems don’t vote pro-life. Thank you for your assistance in a proper response to her comments.

    I am staunchly a pro-life democrat. I believe that if someone is pro-life they need to be consistently pro-life which means anti-war and anti-torture, and anti-death penalty. I also am upset about the supreme court decision which takes away all limitations under the first amendment for corporations to donate any amount of money that they want to get their candidate elected. Prior to this there were restrictions. This is what John McCain was fighting for–keeping big business out of deciding the vote. This includes ads and many other mind control types of campaign tricks. This was voted on a 5 to 4 split with conservatives voting in favor of removing all restrictions. This takes away the power of the vote from the little people. I find too often that Republicans in congress are not sincere in their pro-life stand and they are hurting the government in so many ways by always voting in favor of big business and war. I do not like the far left stance on abortion but most democrats are not that far to the left. I believe in human dignity and I believe that corporations are stripping us of our right to vote in favor of what we as individuals feel is right. That the stand in favor of corporations is usually taken on the Republican side is disturbing. I see so much suffering everyday and from people who are so powerless in this world, which surely includes the unborn. I lean heavily democratic. Please consider the voting record of our congress and senate when it comes to making decisions that affect the average little guy in America.

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