Governor just signed “Unhealthy Youth Act”

Press Release from the governor’s office

MADISON – Governor Jim Doyle today signed into law the Healthy Youth Act. The Governor was joined by supporters of the bill for the ceremony at the State Capitol.

“Throughout my career, I’ve worked really hard to make sure every single kid in Wisconsin can reach their highest potential,” Governor Doyle said. “Today I am pleased to sign the Healthy Youth Act, which gives every Wisconsin teen the tools they need to make healthy and responsible life decisions.”

Assembly Bill 458, the Healthy Youth Act, updates Wisconsin’s education standards to provide comprehensive, medically accurate, un-biased and age-appropriate information to students in classrooms that choose to teach human growth and development courses. The bill ensures teens are taught about the potential negative consequences of their choices and how to identify abuse, and it helps prevent teen pregnancy in Wisconsin.

The bill also preserves the ability of school boards to opt out of human growth and development curricula and preserves the ability of parents to review the curricula and exempt their children from the curricula.

Governor Doyle thanked Representatives Grigsby and Roys and Senators Taylor and Lehman for their work on the bill.


One comment on “Governor just signed “Unhealthy Youth Act”

  1. Barbara Kauers says:

    The downward spiral continues! ‘Legislating’ this type of instruction usurps the role of parents and of the responsibility to raise and instruct their own children. Public ‘education’ goes way too far in this area but it seems it feels a ‘responsibility’ to protect children from the salesmanship of all forms of the media’s constant exhibition of immorality in the name of freedom of expression/experience. It seems we now teach the wrong and ‘make it right’. The line has been crossed, millions of children and young adults have been and will continue to be demoralized and those of us who disagree with the ‘legislation’ continue to be put down and have our voices written off as if we have no right to even speak! For as long as I continue to have a ‘vote’ I will oppose those who refuse to take our views seriously. Legislators who cast their vote and make laws that prove demoralizing to our youth do not provide ‘healthy’ choices for our youth.

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