AB 458, the Saga Continues

This week’s radio commentary.

Last Wednesday Governor Doyle signed the so-called “Healthy Youth Act.” Because the new law makes such drastic changes to former statutes and completely ignores local input, it comes as no surprise that the repercussions and conflicts between the state and local districts have already started, not even a week after the bill became law.

This “Unhealthy Youth Act” requires all school districts in Wisconsin that elect to have a Human Growth and Development program, which is by far the vast majority of districts, to teach the misnamed “comprehensive sex ed” approach, including the proper use of barrier methods of contraception.

Download the MP3 file of the commentary here…

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4 comments on “AB 458, the Saga Continues

  1. Holly Blaubach says:

    Thank you for keeping us informed regarding this matter. We have elected officials who disregard what is in the best interests of our youth not to mention who don’t fear God. I will continue to pray that truth will reign and that God will move in the hearts of our lawmakers.

  2. Shawn Smith says:

    Thank you for keeping everyone informed on what is happening here in our state and also what is going on here in our nation. I did hear about this in the news somewhat and I was wondering what was going to be said here!!! I was not surprised to hear the comments that were said but I was surprised to find that an “elected class” could be discontinued. I hope that it can continue to be there for the children and their families to have a choice.

  3. Angela Peavy says:

    Also, thank you for keeping us informed and update with information that will effect our children for generations to come. It certainly give us exactly what to pray for. I don’t understand some of the rational behind some of our lawmakers thinking in regards to the increase in STD’s associationed with an abstinance only programs. This is diffently deception on their part. I worked in the health care field with many teens and the repeated infections was due to PPH style teaching. WE MUST CONTINUE TO PRAY.

  4. Scott Russell says:

    Wisconsin needs a comprehensive sex education program in its schools. The states with the most extensive abstinence-only education programs are the same ones (MS, LA, and TX) with the HIGHEST rates of teen pregnancy and teen STDs. Kids need to be well informed. Ignorance of all the facts leads to unwanted pregnancy and STDs not to continued chastity. I’m glad WI moved on this the way it should have.

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