Milwaukee GOP votes down resolution advocating repeal of “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell” policy

Wisconsin Family Action has heard unofficially that at its annual caucus this morning, the Milwaukee County Republican Party overwhelmingly voted down the proposed resolution that urged Congress to repeal the current “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell” policy in the military.   Our source tells us that it was obvious a number of concerned and active citizens had called in urging the chairman and others to defeat this resolution.   We’ll post any official reporting we find from the caucus this morning as they become available.  Right now, nothing is posted publicly.

A couple of observations about this issue and some of the comments that have been posted on the blog where we broke this news:

1)  Someone noted in a comment that it is easier to sit on the sidelines and complain than to get involved.  That is absolutely correct!  Wisconsin Family Action (WFA) has a long history of urging people to get involved in the system in any number of ways.  Being involved with a political party at the county level is an excellent way to have a say and be involved in important decisions.  For political parties in Wisconsin, county chapters are incredibly important, as they are the ones that forward resolutions to the state party and help to shape the platform and the resolutions in the platform.  In addition, these local groups can be tremendously helpful to candidates by providing feet, hands, voices and money that are desperately needed during campaigns.  This resolution in this caucus today highlights the need for good people to be involved. 

2)  Another comment noted that this resolution was only proposed; that when we let people know about it, it was not a done deal.  That’s certainly true.  The comment went on to say, basically, that this is America; and such resolutions are part of the way we do government.  The entity considering such resolutions has the wherewithal to approve or disapprove them.  Again, that is true.   WFA is not ignorant of the way we do government in America, nor are we ignorant of how the resolution process works in such organizations as the Milwaukee County Republican Party.  It is also true that the resolution would likely have been defeated had we never let the general public know that it was on the docket for the caucus today. 

However, we let the general public know about this issue because of the particular resolution and the particular position.  When a local manifestation of a political party is considering a resolution that is in direct violation of the national party platform (see “Personnel Policies” under “National Security”), we believe it is appropriate that the public be made aware.  There are many Republicans in Milwaukee County who might not be part of the county party but consider themselves staunch party loyalists or even just “mostly Republican.”  However they view themselves on the spectrum of party loyalty, these folks deserve to know what the local party is doing.  Beyond that, they have every right to weigh in with the county party leadership to express their opinion.   But they won’t make their opinions known if they don’t know what is happening in the organization.  Yes, we agree; if they really cared, they’d join the county party and attend meetings.  And, frankly, we hope that from this specific instance a number of people in Milwaukee County will get more involved with the local Republican party or the party of their choice.   That would be a double victory, to be sure.

To those who took time to call Chairman David Karst, thank you for your concern and for your involvement.  We hope you will find yourselves involved in other ways, especially as we move through this critical election year.


5 comments on “Milwaukee GOP votes down resolution advocating repeal of “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell” policy

  1. Rosie says:

    FYI: An official statement from David Karst was sent to you immediately after the RPMC meeting on Saturday. The message came back as undeliverable. Could you provide another email to send it to?

  2. Rosie says:

    I just noticed my email was incorrect on my previous reply. In addition, thank you for the comments concerning being active in various ways concerning issues. I believe as you do that all Republicans, official members or not of the local party should be aware of what is transpiring. To that end we have a website at where interested persons may go to see what is going on locally and they may also find very interesting articles from various sources concerning the political scene. It has become the most visited website for the state of Wisconsin county parties. We also allow visitors at all our local meetings and at the annual caucus. Some county parties do not do that. We also try actively to get out the word about RPMC events but many times the media does not publish that information. We encourage those interested to check regularly with our website.

  3. Chuck says:

    I’m pleased to see there are conservatives in Milwaukee willing to get involved. The Milwaukee bureaucracy has always been difficult to deal with and typically unresponsive to local citizen concerns. At least in this case, a favorable response was obtained. Those who criticize Wisconsin Family Action and others for encouraging citizen involvement in this issue are part of the problem, not of the solution! This kind of citizen involvement is the core of our democratic process, and should be encouraged at every opportunity. When we (the people) stop sounding off on matters of public interest, we abandon our democratic process and deserve whatever we get from government in the absence of our inputs. It’s stupid to say that the people who are involved in the democratic process don’t know how it works… THEY are how it works, and THEY are doing their part to MAKE it work. Congratulations to the local grassroots groups and to the local Republican organization for MAKING it work this time.

  4. I enjoy coming back daily to see your musings. I have your blog bookmarked on my favorite read list!

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