Parents: Do you know where your children are—on the Internet?

From this week’s “Wisconsin Family Connection,”

Parents repeatedly say that laws against online predators should be fully enforced, that we need to do everything we can to protect children, who are going to be online, sometimes without the adult supervision they need, even though all efforts have been taken to prevent such a scenario.  Many think that local District Attorneys don’t take action quickly enough or bring charges as often as they should and that such predators aren’t punished severely enough.

Some of that perception may start to change here in Wisconsin.  Last week, a new bill was introduced in the state legislature that is attempting to tighten up Wisconsin’s online child predator law.  Recently Attorney General JB Van Hollen joined State Representative Tony Staskunas, a Democrat from West Allis, at the West Allis Police Department to publicly announce the introduction of Rep. Staskunas’s bill that will close some important loopholes. 

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One comment on “Parents: Do you know where your children are—on the Internet?

  1. Scott says:

    Laws can only do so much. It is extremely important — no, it is absolutely necessary — for parents to keep tabs on the use of the Internet by their children. The problems evolve as a child grows up, so the concerns a parent might have for a small child would not the same as for a pre-teen or teen, but there are issues all the way up to 18 (and beyond — but that’s out of the scope of this discussion). It is the parents’ responsibility to instill the values of that family in the children, so they know what the family regards as right and wrong. Mature children can make better judgments than small ones, but even mature ones need some monitoring and guidance. What’s at stake? Their privacy, innocence, their future, and their lives.

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