What we can do: WI answers to the health care bill

Since we have a federal government that is intent on trampling our constitutional freedoms and ignoring us, what can we do to protect our liberties at the state level?

Right now we have two answers:

1. Sen. Joe Leibham (R-Sheboygan) and Rep. Robin Vos (D-Racine) introduced a Health Care Freedom Amendment (HCFA) last month that would ensure:

The people have the right to enter into private contracts
with health care providers for health care services and to purchase private health care coverage. The legislature may not require any person to obtain or maintain health insurance coverage or to participate in any health care system or plan.

In order to incorporate this amendment into our state constitution, two successive legislatures must adopt the amendment and then we the people must ratify it through popular vote.  Right now, HCFA (SJR 62) has 8 Senate sponsors (8 of 15 Republicans in the Senate) and 25 Assembly sponsors (24 of 46 Republicans in the Assembly and one Democrat).

What You Can Do: WFA is circulating a petition urging legislators to support the amendment and pass it before this session ends next month.  Click here to sign the HCFA petition.

2. Rep. Roger Roth (R-Appleton), who is running against U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen (D-CD 8), has said he will introduce an Assembly resolution asking the State Attorney General to challenge the health care bill’s unconstitutional individual mandate (the first time the federal government would require private citizens to purchase a product).

AG Van Hollen is already seeking authorization from the Democratic leadership of the legislature and the executive to challenge the individual mandate in the health care bill.  State law requires legislative or executive authorization for the AG to file the challenge.  However, the word from Democratic leadership is that they’re not about to authorize the AG for the lawsuit.

What you can do: Contact your state legislators (find your legislators here) and urge them to support Rep. Roth’s effort!


2 comments on “What we can do: WI answers to the health care bill

  1. Brad says:

    It looks like AG Van Hollen is not interested in doing his job, any more than Jim Doyle was, when he was AG. He could challenge Obama-care, authorization or not. If this “healthcare” power grab was only in Wisconsin, and it was known as Doyle-care, would he still have to ask Doyle, and the democrat legislature for “authorization” to challenge it? What a coward!

  2. Attorney General Van Hollen is on the Greta Van Susteren show on Fox News right now. He IS attempting to take action but is not getting the MUST authorization he needs from Doyle or the other positions he mentioned – I’m sorry I didn’t catch that. He did mention that there is a public/petitioning option that he believes may work anyway but this will take time. Stay tuned.

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