Mourning the loss of a Pro-Family President

This week the Polish people and the entire world mourn the loss of Polish President Lech Kaczynski, his wife and 94 others.    Many have eulogized President Kacznski for his leadership of Poland.  However, today I received a most interesting press release about this European national leader, highlighting an aspect of President Kaczynski’s leadership that is most definitely not being talked about in the mainstream media.

Wisconsin Family Action’s friends at The Howard Center and its World Congress of Families provide international leadership in the pro-family movement.  Their biennial World Congress of Families features leaders from around the world who support and champion the natural family–married moms and dads and their biological or adopted children.  In 2007,  Congress IV was held in Warsaw, Poland, and President Kaczynski was a patron of the event because he was a champion of the natural family.

Larry Jacobs, Managing Director of World Congress of Families, says,

“‘President Kaczynski was one of the strongest pro-family leaders in Europe….Despite intense pressure from the European Union, he stood firm for the right to life. The late president also opposed the legalization of prostitution and the normalization of homosexuality.’” 

During the Congress at Warsaw, when International Secretary Allan Carlson recognized President Kaczynski, the President responded by saying,

“I accept with satisfaction the kind words…about Poland as the bastion of strong faith and strong families in the increasingly laicizing Europe whose inhabitants are getting older.” 

There’s no doubt in my mind that it is this strong pro-natural family leadership that resulted in the following observation in an Associated Press article today regarding the official national mourning for the Polish president: 

 “Polish television broadcast live images of mourners walking by the coffins. Many were families with children, parents and grandparents. Each coffin was flanked by a pair of soldiers, standing crisp and stonelike.” (Emphasis added.)

I can’t help but wonder if any of our current elected officials or candidates for office this fall are recognized in their own community, state or nation as being pro-family—outspokenly so, unashamedly so.   President Kaczynski was beloved of his people.  He understood that the country of Poland is only as strong as its natural families and worked to strengthen and protect them.  What is true of Poland, is true for Wisconsin and the United States.


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