Bills ready for the governor to sign

Thanks to Sen. Joe Leibham (R-Sheboygan), for a list of some of the bills Governor Doyle is getting ready to sign in the next week or so.

  • Senate Bill (SB) 44 – Handgun Registration – Requires the state Department of Justice to review mental health records as a part of the required background check for handgun purchases.
  • SB 154 – School Bullying – Requires local school districts to adopt a school district bullying plan and the development of a state model bullying plan.
  • SB 163 – Colorectal Cancer Screening – Mandates health insurance coverage of colorectal cancer screening.
  • SB 172 – Annexation Changes – Limits the ability for cities and villages to use direct annexation and authorizes limited town challenges to an annexation.
  • SB 227 – Emergency Government – Sets a plan for interim successors for legislators and meetings of the legislature and legislative committees in the event of a disaster.
  • SB 266 – Non-motorized Trails Council – Creates a State Non-motorized Recreation and Transportation Trails Council.
  • SB 307 – Lions Club License Plate – Creates a special license plate for Lions Clubs of Wisconsin.
  • SB 323 – Newborn Hearing Screening – Requires the screening of newborns for hearing impairment.
  • SB 362 – Mental Health Coverage – Mandates health insurance coverage of nervous and mental disorders, alcoholism and other drug abuse.
  • SB 392 – Military Vehicles – Allows certain former military vehicles to be registered as a type of special interest vehicle.
  • SB 400 – ATV Snow Removal – Allows ATVs to drive alongside roads for up to two miles if the purpose is to travel to a site to remove snow.
  • SB 409 – CORE Jobs Act – Expands education and angel investment tax credits while creating farmshoring grants, business micro-loan programs and funding for manufacturing skills training.
  • SB 484 – BadgerCare Plus Basic – Expands the BadgerCare state government health insurance program.
  • SB 530 – Payday Loans – Regulates payday and auto title loans in Wisconsin.
  • SB 591 – Tenancy Termination – Allows for the termination of tenancy at the death of the tenant.
  • SB 651 – Green to Gold Fund – Creates a state revolving loan fund to help manufacturers update their facilities or make other investments in becoming more energy efficient.
  • SB 656 – Marshfield Dental Facility – Authorizes up to $10 million in borrowing to aid Marshfield Clinic in the construction of a rural dental education outreach facility in Marshfield.
  • Assembly Bill (AB) 333 – News Media Sources – Provides an absolute privilege for journalists to refuse to disclose confidential sources and confidential information.
  • AB 347 – Sheriff Sales – Authorizes Internet sales of unclaimed personal property by a sheriff.
  • AB 371 – Bear Hunting – Modifies several state bear hunting laws regarding shooting a wounded bear, training bear dogs, the age bear hunters need to be licensed, and several other provisions.
  • AB 552 – Snowplows – Prohibits following snowplows too closely in cities.
  • AB 588 – Massage Therapy – Creates a Massage Therapy and Bodywork Therapy Examining Board.
  • AB 599 – Snowmobile Speed Limit – Sets the nighttime speed limits for snowmobiles at 55 m.p.h.
  • AB 749 – Woody Biomass Tax Credit – Income/franchise tax credit for equipment used to harvest or process woody biomass intended to be used as a fuel component.
  • AB 842 – Engine Coolant – Requires bittering agents in certain engine coolants and antifreeze to prevent animal consumption.
  • AB 903 – Soccer Goal Regulation – Require new state regulations on moveable soccer goals.

Again, this is just a partial listing of the bills that Governor Doyle will review for signing or veto in the weeks ahead.  If you have interest in any of the bills, you may want to contact the Governor’s office to express your thoughts today.  The Governor can be contacted via phone at (608) 266-1212 or e-mail (

If you’ve been following a bill that you don’t see listed here, you can look it up at or you can contact your state legislators:


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