Madison Surgery Center Abandons Late-Term Abortion Plan!

Breaking News! We just learned the exciting news that the MSC is dropping the plan to provide late, second-trimester abortions!  Praise the Lord! And good work, pro-lifers!  This is the best news possible.

Here’s our press release…

Madison Surgery Center Abandons Late-Term Abortion Plan!
Months of pro-life pressure pay off

Madison—“The decision to abandon the plan to provide late, second-trimester abortions at the Madison Surgery Center is a testament to the massive effort on the part of the pro-life community in Madison and around the state” said Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action.

Well over a year ago, the pro-life community learned of a plan to provide late, second-trimester abortions at the world-class Madison Surgery Center (MSC), a joint venture of Meriter Hospital, UW Hospital and Clinics and the UW Medical Authority Board.  Wisconsin Family Action joined with several other pro-life organizations in the state, as well as tens of thousands of pro-life leaders and individuals to protest the plan.  This pro-life coalition gathered over 20,000 signatures and delivered them to the Meriter Hospital, calling for the abandonment of the plan.  Last January and this past February, thousands gathered in the bitter cold to protest the plan and pray for the protection of the 125 preborn children the Surgery Center was planning to kill each year.

A letter from the State Department of Justice to an Eau Claire attorney seeking an investigation into the legality of the plan indicated that the Surgery Center had abandoned the plan, and the investigation was unnecessary.

“We applaud the efforts of those who stopped using the MSC, Meriter Hospital and the UW Hospitals and Clinics, who called their insurance companies and asked for a different health care provider, who stood in the hot summer sun, the freezing rain and the bitter cold outside the MSC and prayed for the individuals who worked there, who signed the petition, spread the word, contacted the authors of the plan and stayed the course,” said Appling.  “Your efforts have finally paid off and 125 babies were saved last year, are safe this year and for years to come, from a horrible, painful death thanks to your perseverance.”

Wisconsin Family Action worked to gather signatures, spread the word around the state and coordinate efforts to put pressure on the authors of the plan and the supporting entities through email and phone contacts, the petition and the protests from the time the plan was first discovered.

This plan should never have existed in the first place. The Surgery Center’s commitment to saving life, not ending it, the very likely case that taxpayer funds would have been used to pay the salary of the abortionists (contrary to state law), and the public outrage over the plan should have been enough to stop it a year ago.  But the plan’s authors stubbornly persisted until the pro-life movement exerted enough pressure where it mattered, the bottom line.

“Ultimately, this was about the abortion industry, which is a money-making venture,” said Appling.  “When public outrage and pressure threatened the Surgery Center’s reputation, and the reputation of the supporting entities, the potential damage and fallout from the abortion plan outweighed the potential monetary benefit.  We are so grateful for all the pro-life organizations and individuals we joined forces with, who have collectively put an end to this plan.”


Wisconsin Family Action is a statewide, not-for-profit organization actively strengthening and preserving marriage, family, life and liberty in Wisconsin.


3 comments on “Madison Surgery Center Abandons Late-Term Abortion Plan!

  1. Kate says:

    Thank you for keeping vigil. Thanks and all glory going to God and His “only begotten Son Jesus” who gives life. My cup runs over today when this information was received on the National Day of Prayer.

  2. Stitching Queen says:

    Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, WFC.

  3. […] Thanks to the unprecedented effort of pro-life organizations, attorneys and individuals, the MSC will not be providing those abortions, but fear not!  UWHC is still dead set on providing those barbarous abortions, at an undisclosed location, for “security reasons.”  Because the peaceful, prayerful protests against the plan have been so scary…to UWHC, Merital Hospital and the MSC’s bottom line and reputation. […]

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